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Fees Guide 2022

Our fee guide is here for illustration purposes only, a full estimate will be given on all work prior to the work being carried out.

General Oral and Dental Examination £ 50
Prosthodontic consultation £ 75
Online Orthodontic consultation Free
In surgery Orthodontic consultation £ 75
Endodontic consultation £ 75
Online Implant consultation FREE
In surgery Implant consultation £ 75
Emergency Fee £ 50
Hygiene Fees
Hygienist Visit £ 60
Instense stain removal air polishing £90
Restorations / Fillings
Small tooth coloured £ 65
Large tooth coloured £150
Small amalgam £ 75
Large amalgam £ 102
Routine Endodontics with general dentist
Incisor tooth £ 375
Pre-molar tooth £ 430
Molar tooth £ 485
All ceramic / metal-free £ 575
Porcelain bonded £ 550
Full gold £ 700
Full dentures From £500
Partial Dentures From £300
Tooth Extraction
Incisor/canine/premolar/ 1st and 2nd Molar teeth
Routine £ 95
Advanced £ 160
Implants From £ 1599
All on 4 price on consultation
Multiple Implants discounts available
Teeth Whitening
Home whitening
Single arch £199
Upper and lower arch £199
Internal bleaching per tooth £100
Anti-wrinkle injections:
Microneedilng £250 per session
1 area From £190
2 areas From £230
3 areas From £250
Neck From £250
Masseters From £250
Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) £400
Note price depends upon the product prescribed and the quantity of prescription-only medicine required. All costs will be discussed as part of the consultation process.
Profhilo £220 per 2ml (minimum 4ml required for a complete treatment)
Dermal Fillers:
1 ml from £220
> 2ml from £340

Dental treatments are bespoke, so a list of every treatment available would run to thousands and would be confusing. Only the most familiar treatments are listed here. If you are interested in a treatment that you do not see listed please ask.

  • Please give us 48 hours’ notice, if you are unable to attend the appointment.
  • If you miss 2 appointments, we will unregister you as a patient.
  • Any outstanding fees should be cleared within 7 days, otherwise, the practice reserves the right to unregister you as a patient.
  • All radiographs are charged in addition to the consultation price.


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